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We are experienced in knowing how to make a property presentable.  We work with a large staff of reputable vendors that we have used for many years.  In today’s rental market, the presentation of the property is instrumental in obtaining the highest rent and highest quality of tenants.  Keeping your investment maintained maximizes your investment’s value, no matter what the economic environment.


  • For rent sign on premises within 24 hours
  • Business and after hours phone number in all advertisements
  • Extensive use of internet presence which includes, Craig’s list website, appropriate ancillary websites significant for the particular property
  • Newspaper ads as deemed appropriate (owner cost)
  • Professional presentation and showing of property to perspective applicants
  • Brochure distributed with property detail and time of availability
  • Networking with other real estate professionals regarding property


We have each interested prospective tenant complete a credit application.  We order a credit and criminal report from our tenant screening bureau.  If the report shows the prospective tenant meets our qualifications we proceed and call and verify employment as well as ask for referrals from current or past landlords.  Once an applicant has passed our screening, we give you (the homeowner) all information so that you can make your final decision to accept or decline the applicant.


Once you have accepted the applicant, we will complete a month to month lease reflecting the duration and details you and your tenant has mutually agreed upon along with all of the other terms and conditions.  We use the most current contracts and forms from California Association of Realtors to insure maximum protection for all involved.  At the time of the lease signing, we will collect the security deposit made out to you and hand it over to you immediately; it will be in the form of certified funds.  At the time the property is released to the tenant for occupancy the first month rent will be collected and handed over to you in certified funds as well.


All rents are due by the 1st of every month.   There, by contract, will be a late fee charged if rent is later than 5 days after the 1st day of the month.  A three day notice to pay or quit will be sent if necessary by us with your instruction of non payment of rent.  The fee of $75 will be charged to the tenant for each notice to pay or quit.  All rents will go directly to you as the landlord.  If you inform us that there is a delinquency, we will immediately and aggressively proceed as necessary to rectify the delay in payment. Should an Unlawful Detainer action be required, we will accompany owner or your legal representative in court at no additional charge.  Total costs for this process will be billed to you by a local legal office specializing in tenant evictions.


We respond to tenants repair problems immediately and manage a timely, cost-effective solution.  We encourage our landlords to consider taking out a home warranty policy.  Then, if there is a need for repair of a wide variety of items, ie: basic plumbing, electrical, heating system etc, it can be handled under the insurance coverage you have.     If not, we have a team of experienced, reasonably priced trade’s people to handle whatever circumstance arises.  We will attempt to notify you prior to action unless it’s considered an emergency.  We orchestrate it all and collect invoices for services rendered which are then sent to you immediately for payment.


Our service fee is for all aspects of service except collection of monthly rent and payment to providers such as gardeners, utilities, vendors doing repairs.  You will not be billed until the tenant begins the lease.  At that time, you will be billed 7% of the gross amount of rents reflected in the lease period.  Typically leases are for 6-12 months.  After the lease period is over and if the tenant continues month to month, you will be billed on a quarterly basis at the end of each 3 month period the tenant continues to remain.  Our fee will continue to be % of the monthly lease amount.  .  If there is a need for on site management of repairs, rehabs, mold remediation or remodeling during a vacancy, we will address that on a case by case basis; an appropriate fee will be quoted based on complexity and duration of the event.


You can call upon us anytime and get the up-to-date market conditions of your property, including what’s for sale, what’s in escrow, what’s recently sold, and our opinion of what the current market value of your property is.  If we feel market rents have increased, we will advise you of this as well.


We have been providing superior service in the real estate community of San Diego since 1984.  Seventy-nine percent of our business is repeat and referred clients.  References will gladly be provided upon request.


Respectfully submitted,

McGrath and McGrath

Trudy & Rick