Seller Info Musts

Some Things You May Want to Know…

Here are some answers to questions you may have about listing your home for sale

The Lockbox

It’s very important that we make your home as available as possible.  The Sentri key box system is a secure vehicle to hold your house key and permits only licensed Sales Associates and Brokers the opportunity to show your home even if you are not at home.


The Sign In Your Yard

Our yard sign is a very important source for inquires about your home.  You can contribute to a good impression of your house by keeping it clean and straight.  If it should become damaged, please let us know so that it can be repaired.


Appointments to Show

Unless the property is vacant, the Sales Associate will be instructed by us to contact you directly to set appointments for showing your home.  Any agent that enters your home will be leaving a business card and the lockbox keeps track of everyone who accesses it.  Please keep these cards until we can collect them so we may follow up with the agents.


Making the House Available

Certain buyers (such as the out-of-towners) need all the accommodation we can give them.  They often have very limited time in which to find the right home, but they will usually buy in a short time span.  Even local buyers run into scheduling problems as they deal with work schedules and family priorities.  Of course we would like the house to look perfect for every showing, but it is more important for the buyers to see the property.


Feedback on Showings
We should expect there will be people who are looking for a different style/décor and they may not want to redecorate.  The feedback we must consider is on those features or conditions which raise objection from more than one prospect.  If there is something we can change, we should consider doing it.  If there is something we can not change, then we may have to consider some offsetting incentives.


Quantity vs. Quality of Showings

We are looking for qualified buyers and we do not want to waste your time with browsers.  This means we will not be parading people through your house just to make it look like we are doing something.  As a result, there may be several showings at once and then a time of few or no showings.



Some people believe they can just walk up to a house with a sign in the yard and be admitted for a tour.  If anyone approaches you like this, DO NOT ADMIT HIM OR HER TO YOUR HOUSE. Instead, refer them to us or their own real estate agent.  Give them our card and if they are sincerely interested in the house, they will call us or their agent. If they have other motives, we don’t want them in your house.


We Must Present All Offers

In accordance with the Realtor’s Code of Ethics, we will be presenting every written offer we receive to you.  According to the terms of the contract, there will be a limited time in which to respond.  We will explain the terms and contingencies as they are written, and you will have time to seek the advice of your CPA or attorney as you feel necessary.  Anytime you go out of town, it is important that you let us know how we can reach you in case we receive an offer.  We do not want to lose a good buyer because we are unable to reach you in time.


First Offer Often the Best

A house is just like any other merchandise on the shelf. When it first goes on the market it is fresh and as time passes, the shoppers begin to wonder why it has not sold.  So usually the first offer on a new listing will be the best.  If we get an offer within the first few days on the market, it simply means we have done a perfect job of pricing and exposing your house to the market.


To Sum It Up

There is a lot more involved in selling a house than most people ever imagine.  Part of our job is to make it an enjoyable experience.  While the majority of cases go smoothly, once in a while we come across some serious issues.  Our experience combined with Coldwell Banker’s has lead us to almost every imaginable situation.  We have found that the best approach is to remain objective.  Every problem has a solution and our job is resolving problems for you.